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Terms and conditions.

•  The Sleeping Bear Organization reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without any notification.

• We promise never to share your information with anyone.

• Non-payment can result in loss of use of domain name.

•  Monthly Payments are expected prior to the month of received service. For example your June hosting bill is due May 31 st . If payment for monthly hosting is not received by the 15 th of the month can terminate your service.

•  Renewal fees for domains are due before your domain lease expires. If payment for your domain is not received before your due date a $500.00 service fee will be applied. If payment for domain lease renewal is not received within 30 days of service expiration, additional reinstatement fees apply.

•  Cancellation Notice- Customers are free to take there business elsewhere at any time- If their account is current.

•  The Sleeping Bear Organization reserves the right to decline any domain transfers and to charge a domain transfer approval fee no less than $500.00 and no greater than $50,000.00.

•  Payment in full for all invoices is expected within 15 days from when they are received. The Sleeping Bear Organization reserves the right to charge 9 percent interest and additional service fees for accounts past due 45 days or longer.

•  The Sleeping Bear Organization reserves the right to cancel service for ‘problem customers'. In such rare and extreme cases notice will be delivered via email to the customer notifying them of the termination of service date. A one week grace period will apply.

• Domain ownership is specified by the international whois query. customers are leased domain usage on an annual basis.

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